Business process management consultancy services

Audit of business processes, analysis and process optimization

  • Description of processes and procedures;
  • Goals’ formation;
  • Optimization of processes and procedures;
  • Preparation of business process measurements and evaluation of results;
  • Preparation of business process measurements and evaluation of results;
  • Arrangement of operational units and staff working provisions;
  • Arrangement and management of operational restructuring and implementation plans.

Business process management and organizational architecture
Only by understanding an organization’s business processes, we can control them, and left to their own activities are generally not effective.

By identifying an organization’s business processes, we can optimize organizational performance, reduce IT costs and increase IT efficiency.

Our company can offer a professional assessment of your organization’s operation efficiency and effectiveness, and an improvement of your activities by identifying and implementing more effective business processes.

While designing and installing business processes we will keep in touch with your organization’s internal culture and well-established habits and together we will find your new activities’ perspectives.

Our expertise:

  • Assessment of BPM maturity;
  • Rating of organization’s architecture maturity;
  • Formation of organization’s architecture.

Performance improvement (Operational Excellence)
A good performance strategy emphasizes not only how to better and more efficiently carry out the operational procedures, but also how a strategy combines in line with the everyday realities. The strategy being effectively implemented is a fundamental basis in shaping organizational performance strengths.

Our expertise:

  • Change management;
  • Innovation management;
  • Process engineering.

Organization’s information management
A good information management helps organizations to make optimal decisions and be more efficient in the management of information by automating complex processes and information sharing among the employees of the organization.

Our expertise:

  • Workflow management;
  • Document management;
  • Cooperative systems, etc.

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