Preparation of feasibility studies (investment projects)

High-quality feasibility study gives organizations the ability to decide on the best project development decisions and is an important factor in order to obtain funds for project financing or to prepare for a successful implementation of the project. The feasibility study allows the identification of cash flows, a return on investments, investments’ benefits and a long-term performance.

UAB “OR Consulting” prepares feasibility studies which includes detailed technical, financial, economic and institutional analysis of the project planned to implement. It is dedicated to the identification, formulation and justification of the project. All the available investment options are examined and evaluated in a feasibility study.

Following a feasibility study and its detailed and thorough assessment of all proposed possible project-based solutions and investment options, the most compliant with the pre-defined criteria investment option is chosen, and the investment project for its implementation is prepared, including:

  • Cost-benefit analysis and business plans;
  • Purchase documents for goods, works and services.

UAB “OR Consulting” team had prepared feasibility studies (investment projects) for 1.6 million Euros, of which projects for 500 million Euros received funding from the EU funds.

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